SolAero Technologies Corp. is a leading provider of high efficiency solar cells, solar panels and composite structural products for satellite and aerospace applications. We provide solar power solutions and precision aerospace structures to the global space markets, encompassing a wide array of applications including civil space exploration, science and earth observation, defense intelligence and communication, and commercial telecommunications industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading provider of the highest performance, highest quality and highest reliability products and supporting research and technical services to the aerospace and defense industry at competitive prices and to satisfied customers worldwide.


To become a world-class leader in our industry by:
  • Consistently Demonstrating a Commitment to our Core Values.
  • Maintaining a Culture of Employee Engagement.
  • Pursuing Customer Satisfaction.
  • Increasing Profitability.
  • Driving Business Growth.

Rock Star Core Values

These are the values of a “SolAero Rock Star” – the characteristics and behaviors of people with whom we want to work and that we believe make the company a place that we want to work. We will strive to embody these values every day and commit to hold one another accountable to doing the same.


Seizes Opportunities Positively

  • Takes on new challenges with a positive, “can do” attitude, not by complaining;
  • Is open-minded, solutions-oriented, and always looking for innovative ways to improve;
  • Wants to learn, is willing to ask for help, and accepts feedback humbly;
  • Strives to make things better every day for everyone at SolAero.

Geeks Out on the Science

  • Takes pride in being part of the SolAero team and understands that what we do changes the world;
  • Is motivated by solving challenging science, engineering and business problems every day;
  • Is enthusiastic about SolAero, its products and the difference we make for people around the world;
  • Strives to learn, grow and be a part of the solutions we create for customers.

Builds Team Spirit:

  • Is a team player by taking the time to help others whenever possible;
  • Is a leader capable of bringing individuals and groups together to accomplish our mission;
  • Cares about safety and shows it by creating a safe work environment for everyone;
  • Empowers others by valuing their contributions and giving up control when appropriate;
  • Draws the best out of others and genuinely cares about the contributions they make and their personal and professional development.

Gets It Done:

  • Is a hardworking, dedicated individual that strives to produce the best work product they can;
  • Without excuses or reminding, cares about the quality of their work and meeting their commitments;
  • Accepts responsibility and accountability for their deliverables;
  • Addresses safety and quality concerns proactively;
  • Sets high standards for the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of their work product.

Creates Constructive Relationships:

  • Is approachable, professional, calm and drama-free when working together with others;
  • Gives praise when deserved and creates an encouraging environment;
  • Does not talk about others behind their backs, but provides constructive criticism with the goal of improving performance and/or behavior;
  • Is honest, listens first, seeks to understand and shares opinions in order to get the best outcome.