Compound Semiconductor: SolAero wins $22 million Indian space contract

The firm’s III-V multi-junction solar cells will be deployed to assess commercial geostationary telecommunications and scientific earth observation satellite missions.

SolAero Technologies Corp. has entered into a supply contract with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

The specialist in compound semiconductors will manufacture, test, and deliver high-efficiency multi-junction solar cell assemblies for ISRO’s commercial geostationary telecommunications and scientific earth observation satellite missions.

Over the past four decades ISRO has launched more than 65 satellites for various commercial and scientific applications. SolAero has been a key supplier of solar cell products to ISRO for the past 15 years, including supplying solar equipment to power several INSAT telecommunications missions.

Over the term of this new multi-year contract, SolAero expects to deliver Coverglass Interconnected Cells (CICs) incorporating its highest-efficiency ZTJ and ATJ solar cells for multiple satellite missions.

With a conversion efficiency nearing 30 percent, the ZTJ solar cell is one of the highest performance multi-junction solar cells available on the market today.

SolAero’s CICs employ advanced interconnect welding techniques in the industry and offer one of the highest reliabilities under severe space radiation environments and thermal stress conditions.

“This contract is a very significant award for Emcore. It further reinforces our successful heritage in the Asia-Pacific satellite market, and expands our market share for both commercial and scientific missions,” says Brad Clevenger, President & CEO. “SolAero has partnered with ISRO on many successful satellite missions, and we greatly value our long-standing business relationship. We look forward to supporting ISRO on its next phase of telecommunications and earth observation satellites.”