Since 2001, SolAero solar cells and panels have supplied primary power to over 480 successful space missions with zero-on orbit failures.


SolAero is a leader in the development, manufacturing and delivery of high efficiency solar cells, Coverglass Interconnected Cells (CICs) & solar panels to the aerospace industry.

In 1998, we developed and commercialized a 23% efficient dual-junction solar cell in 12 months while most industry experts projected that it would take 3 years to accomplish.In our first 3 years, we drove the displacement of silicon solar cells as the primary source of space power after it had been in continuous use since 1958 (Vanguard-1, the 4th satellite ever launched).We released new solar cell technology every 24 months for 10 years beginning in 1999, driving technological innovation, not only in space power, but in space applications that have transformed how we live.We currently manufacture ~300,000 flight solar cells annually ( or about >350 kWe).SolAero products currently power more than 480 satellites in orbit.Approximately 1000 more satellites are scheduled to launch in the next few years.