Our Facilities

SolAero Technologies is the parent company of Alliance Spacesystems. Together we are the premier suppliers of space solar power products and composite structures and assemblies for the global aerospace market.

SolAero :

World’s largest space solar cell production lineLocated in Albuquerque, NM, USAProduction capacity of >500 kWe per year for space missionsSolar Panel facility is a Class 10,000 cleanroom with 7 meter high ceilings and houses our LAPSS, TVAC, LED Solar Simulator and other ATP/QTP facilities.  New 65,000 sq. ft. facility for high volume substrate and PVA manufacturing.



Facility located in Los Alamitos, CA15,000 m^2 of environmentally controlled lay-up rooms and assembly roomsLarge autoclaves, ovens and machine shops for composites manufacture and assembly

Los Alamitos, CA Facility