Dr. Paul Sharps is the Chief Technology Officer for SolAero Technologies Corp. He received his PhD in Materials Science in 1990 from Stanford University, and since that time has been involved in R&D in high efficiency, multi-junction cells. He has 15 U.S. patents, as well as a number of international patents, and over 100 technical presentations and papers. He has managed a number of development programs, including one that developed the first GaInP2/GaAs/Ge triple junction device to achieve an efficiency of greater than 27.5%. Dr. Sharps won an R&D 100 award in 2008 with Dr. Mark Wanlass for development of the IMM cell, and also was the recipient of the Irv Weinberg Award in 2014. He has been on the organizing and/or program committee for the IEEE PVSC for the past 9 years, and is also on the planning committee for the WOCSEMMAD conference.

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