Space Solar Cells

Z4J - SolAero's Newest Space Solar Cell Technology

  • 4-junction n-on-p solar cell on germanium substrate  Datasheet
  • Superior radiation hardness and temperature performance compared to other Germanium based solar cells
  • 30.0% Minimum Average Efficiency
  • For a typical GEO Telecom Mission, Z4J produces ~7% greater EOL power than ZTJ
  • Qualification and characterization to AIAA S-111 2014 Standards in progress

ZTJ Family of Triple-Junction Solar Cells

  • Solar cells optimized for all space missions
  • Up to 30.2% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency
  • About 1000 kW of ZTJ Family Flight Cells manufactured to date
  • Powering more than 200 separate Satellites
  • Fully space qualified and characterized to AIAA S-111 & AIAA S-112 Standards

ZTJ Standard Triple-Junction Solar Cells

  • 29.5% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency   Datasheet
  • SolAero’s Heritage Radiation-Hard Solar Cell Architecture
  • Excellent Performance under LILT (Low-Intensity Low-Temperature) Conditions

ZTJ+ Triple-Junction Solar Cells

  • Comparable BOL Efficiency to ZTJ   Datasheet
  • Optimized for High-Radiation Space Environments

ZTJ-Ω Triple-Junction Solar Cells

  • 30.2% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency.   Datasheet
  • Optimized for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Missions.

ZTJM Triple-Junction Solar Cells with Monolithically Integrated Protection Diode

  • 29.0% Minimum Average  BOL Efficiency.    Datasheet
  • With ESD-hard monolithically integrated bypass diode. 

IMM-α  Inverted Metamorphic Space Solar Cell

  • 32.0% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency.    Preliminary Datasheet
  • Highest Performance Radiation-Hard Space Solar Cell in Production
  • Superior Performance under LILT (Low-Intensity Low-Temperature) Conditions
  • Space Qualification & Characterization to AIAA-S111-2014 in progress

Coverglass Interconnected Cells (CIC)

SolAero Technologies’ latest generation solar cells and Coverglass Interconnected Cell (CIC) assemblies are the highest efficiency commercially available products in the industry. The CIC assemblies manufactured at SolAero Technologies employ the most advanced interconnect welding techniques in the industry that offer the highest reliability under severe space radiation environment and thermal stress conditions. The latest weld process capability methodologies and statistical process control are in practice at SolAero Technologies to ensure the most consistent and reliable assembly interconnections.

  • Fully Space Qualified
  • Extensive Flight Heritage for LEO, MEO, GEO, and Interplanetary Missions
  • High-Intensity High-Temperature Missions
  • Low-Intensity Low-Temperature Missions




SolAero's Silicon Bypass Diodes are welded to the corner of SolAero's solar cells and allow current to safely bypass cells in a string as required during string operation.   

  • Small Size and Lightweight
  • Low leakage current under reverse bias
  • Low series resistance under forward bias

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