Substrates & Panels

Dedicated Composite Substrate Production Space
  • 35,000 ft² (3,250 m²) of composite layup operations
  • In- and out-of-autoclave processing
  • Panel blank machining and panel assembly operations
Substrates for Rigid SmallSat and Large Panels
  • AI Honeycomb CRFP facesheet substrates
  • SolAero offers affordable “standard” substrates for SmallSats
  • Build-to-Design substrates for larger panel
Substrates for Solar Power Modules
  • Achieve low mass by using thin non-rigid Kapton sheets
  • Integrated on proven array technologies such as ROSA, CTA and Ultraflex® flexible panels
PVA Solar Panels
  • SolAero offers rigid & flexible solar panels that are fully tested and wired for integration into solar array assemblies.
  • Our PVA panels are space qualified for and have extensive flight heritage on every rigid & flexible variety of solar arrays commercially available.
  • We offer custom panel manufacturing and high-volume manufacturing for CubeSats and SmallSats.

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