4MW of Power Delivered

Space Solar Cells/CICs

Space Solar Cells

Solar cells optimized for all space missions and are fully space qualified.

Z4J – SolAero’s Newest Space Solar Cell Technology


  • 4-junction n-on-p solar cell on germanium substrate
  • Superior radiation hardness and temperature performance compared to other Germanium based solar cells
  • 30.0% Minimum Average Efficiency for a typical GEO Telecom Mission, Z4J produces ~7% greater EOL power than ZTJ
  • Qualification and characterization to AIAA S-111 2014 Standards in progress
ZTJ Family of Triple-Junction Solar Cells

Solar cells optimized for all space mission and are fully space qualified and characterized to AIAA S-111 & AIAA S-112 Standards.

ZTJ-Ω Triple-Junction Solar Cells


  • 30.2% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency
  • Optimized for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Missions.
ZTJ Standard Triple-Junction Solar Cells


  • 29.5% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency
  • SolAero’s Heritage Radiation-Hard Solar Cell Architecture
  • Excellent Performance under LILT (Low-Intensity Low-Temperature) Conditions
ZTJ+ Triple-Junction Solar Cells


  • Comparable BOL Efficiency to ZTJ
  • Optimized for High-Radiation Space Environments
IMM-α  Inverted Metamorphic Space Solar Cell


  • 32.0% Minimum Average BOL Efficiency
  • Highest Performance Radiation-Hard Space Solar Cell in Production
  • Superior Performance under LILT (Low-Intensity Low-Temperature) Conditions
  • Space Qualification & Characterization to AIAA-S111-2014 in progress

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